About the LAX Machine

Welcome to a different kind of Lacrosse experience...

The Lax Machine fills a void created by the overflow of club teams in the Tri-state area.  Lost in the swag, the travel tournaments and the early commitments is the skill development.  It's not as common these days for kids to go out to their neighborhood turf field and shoot around with a bucket of balls.  Enter the Lax Machine...

We do not offer travel teams or flashy gear.  We offer a future in this game.  This company was forged to help take the average player to above average and the above average player to exceptional.

Lacrosse has become an extremely popular sport in the past 15 years.  In 2001, there were a reported 250,000 youth participants in our sport and as of 2016 the number has grown to nearly 800,000.  The growth of the sport has become explosive and with that many more kids playing, the competition gets that much more fierce.  

We have created an avenue for players to do more than just hone their skills through playing more, such as on the club Lacrosse circuit.  Which we believe is good by the way!!  The difference is, studies have found that kids learn more through doing than by listening.  With that said, our program offers kids an opportunity to maximize the number of touches with the ball and the number of repetitions with a skill to truly become a master of their craft.

In club or spring practices some kids may only get 30-40 touches on the ball in a single practice.  Our goal is to double or even triple the number of touches a player would get in a common practice to raise their game to the next level.  Think school practice and individual lessons meshed into one hybrid super skill class.

How do we do it?  Combine small classes with max touches and world class instruction.   Our staff are comprised of coaches and former players who are at the peak of their game.

About myself....

I've been playing the game of Lacrosse since about the age of 3 and been involved in it in some way ever since.  I am the head coach at Pleasantville HS in Pleasantville, NY.  We captured the Class C Section 1 Championship in 2015, 2016 and 2017.  I played at John Jay High School and Ithaca College.  Lacrosse has been in my family's blood for 3 generations.  My father is a coach and both of my brothers have coached at the college level.
1997,1998-  Section 1 Class B Champs, John Jay (player)
2015,2016,2017-  Section 1 Class C Champs, Pleasantville (Coach)

2013, 2014, 2019-  Section 1 Runner-up

2018-  Section 1 Class D Champs, Pleasantville (Coach)

2018-  New York State Class D State Champions

2009 Asst Coach of the year, Class C Section 1
2013, 2014 and 2015 Section 1 Class C Coach of the year
2015 US Lacrosse Coach of the year for Section 1
2015 MSG Varsity Hudson Valley Coach of the year

Thanks for reading, feel free to contact me if you have any questions and I look forward to helping you become that bonafide Lax Machine in the near future.

Chris Kear
The Lax Machine